Children, especially younger ones, are sometimes anxious or nervous when coming to a new doctor’s office. We find that many children do better when they know what to expect; therefore, try to prepare your child for their first visit with us by telling them that they will NOT NEED ANY SHOTS as part of the appointment.

Drs. Maddern or Simonsen will examine every child seen in our office. Some of our pediatric staff may also assist them as necessary.

Prior to your visit please go to our Financial Policies and Forms page to download and print the appropriate forms.  Further, we strongly encourage you to review our Patient Education section which contains links to some of the frequent problems we evaluate and treat.


If surgery is scheduled, we will ask you to pay 100% of any outstanding deductible prior to surgery. This is due no later than 3 days prior to surgery. You will be responsible for the balance 3 months after surgery but monthly payments must be made toward the balance to keep your account current. Any refunds due to you will be sent 7-10 days after you have incurred the refund.

Out of Town and Second Opinion Services

Click here for more information regarding out of town and/or second opinion services.