We have requested an imaging study such as CT scan, MRI or Barium Swallow for the evaluation of your child’s condition. Some studies will require your child to be still for several minutes. For younger children, sedation medications will be necessary to ensure cooperation and good quality images.

If your child’s study is scheduled for Wolfson Children’s Hospital Radiology Department, there are guidelines for children under age 5 years and sedation. Children under 5 years of age are required to get a current physical examination by their pediatrician or primary care physician if the child will need sedation to perform the scan. A nurse’s visit on the day of the scheduled study will determine whether sedation is indicated, so all children under age 5 years are required to have the physical examination and proper documentation to indicate that the child is healthy enough to undergo sedation. It is your responsibility to obtain this.

Certain scheduled studies, (but not all studies), require children 5 years and younger not to eat or drink prior to the study. With permission from the Wolfson nurse, your child can have clear liquids up to the designated number hours before his/her scheduled appointment. Your choices of clear liquids are as follows: Pedialyte®, Gatorade®, filtered apple or white grape juice and water.

Not complying with these instructions may/will result in your child’s study being cancelled or postponed.

All parents must also register their child with Wolfson Children’s Hospital, or the facility where the study is to be performed, at least 2 weeks, (or per medical staff at Dr. Maddern’s office) prior to the scheduled appointment. For Wolfson Children’s Hospital, please call POPS at (904) 202-2280 with your insurance card to pre-register.

If you have any further questions, please call Wolfson Children’s Hospital Pediatric Radiology Center at (904) 202-8140 or our office.