It is a privilege to have you choose us to provide your child’s otolaryngologic care.  Whether your visit is for a second opinion or you are coming from a long distance, our effort is to make the best use of your time and resources.  Our practice philosophy is to provide you a comprehensive evaluation of your child’s problems and offer a treatment plan based upon his/her unique needs.

We can make your visit more worthwhile with a small investment of your time prior to your child’s visit.  Please consider the following:

  • Copies of prior medical records from primary care providers and specialists are extremely valuable.  If we need to arrange for release of records, we need your permission.  A minimum of four weeks is needed.  If you can obtain these and have them with you at your first visit, considerable energy can be saved and your visit with us will be much more valuable.
  • Examples of records necessary to provide a comprehensive evaluation would be:
    • Office notes
    • Operative reports or surgery dictation
    • Hospital discharge summaries
    • Copies of CT scans, MRI or other imaging studies (paper copies of reports are not as descriptive as we need)
    • Audiograms or other hearing test reports
  • A release of records is required for each source of information.  You will need to contact each source and specify which information you need based on the list above.
  • Confirmation of your status as a parent or guardian is required before we can render care.  Please provide a valid driver’s license or pertinent legal documents.  Patient privacy is respected and federal guidelines are followed.
  • Registration forms are available online.  You can download the documents from our website and fill them out prior to your visit.  We do not accept completed forms online due to internet privacy issues.
  • Second opinion and medico-legal evaluations are performed routinely in our practice. We value the trust you place in us and offer an honest, comprehensive opinion, with appropriate surgical and non surgical options for your child’s condition.
  • Dr. Maddern has contributed to several national guidelines on the management of otitis media (ear infections), obstructive sleep apnea and complex airways disorders. He has helped design surgical instrumentation and assisted the pharmaceutical industry in drug evaluation and safety. Our practice has no financial relationship with any drug or device company.
  • Dr. Maddern has performed medico-legal evaluations on both plaintiff and defense matter. Patient safety and quality improvement are important issues for your family and our practice.
  • Please call our clinical coordinator if you have any questions.

We look forward to your visit and appreciate the trust you have bestowed (in us) by allowing us to help care for your most prized possession – your child.